It’s raining Euromyths

*sigh* a few days out of the office having a blast at the samba festival and I get back to find the office is euromyth central. For the general information of the world out there – we are not banning the acre, we are just not extending the use of a derogation that the UK government doesn’t make use of any more. The same legislation secures the status of the mile and the pint, so they’re not going anywhere either. Equally, we have nothing against Peking Duck, but some ovens used to make it have been found to be dangerous and so rightly removed from use – I don’t think anyone wants crispy skin so much they are willing for someone to get carbon monoxide poisoning. Let’s just recap: the EU is NOT banning the acre and the EU is NOT banning Peking Duck.

Another NOT in my life at the moment is I am NOT flying anywhere on EasyJet any time soon. We were left at Toulouse airport for more than 2 hours yesterday, so by the time we got through passport control and customs, it was too late for me to get a train back to Balham. Len and Bev very kindly let me stay at their house, but I’m really looking forward to getting back to Balham tonight and sleeping in my own bed!

The festival itself was ace though, indeed much more fun than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be all samba dancing and women with big headresses and little bikinis, but actually it was predominantly percussion baterias and I can confirm that the rhythm IS going to get you… There was also some fantastic street art – from a troupe of musicians with bombards and drums singing in minority languages like provencal and languedocien, to a street magician, and Ens’batucada who were just outstanding – stuff for Watch This Space next year?. Plus I did stuff I love like going to French markets (3 in 5 days!) and I saw my house, which I’m so happy about. Just need to get some furniture into it now.


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4 responses to “It’s raining Euromyths

  1. Uhh… excuse me… no one has ever had problems with these Peking duck ovens before, and if we did develop a problem, would we really need a glorified transnational quango to tell us what to do about them, rather than a locally accountable government that can actually look at the impact such a heavy-handed policy will have on local business?

    It must be rather difficult to debunk these “crazy” myths when a cursory look at EU legislation confirms them:)

  2. secretperson

    The EU is not banning the acre? Brilliant, then I am allowed to buy and sell land in the units of my choosing?

    As Nick has pointed out, these ‘Euromyths’ are often not as mythical as EUphiles like to make out.

    Yes laugh at the silly little Eurosceptics believing all Murdoch’s lies about straight bananas, when all you guys really said was they shouldn’t be “excessively curved”.

  3. Unnamed

    Yes, well done for noticing that there is an EU law on straight bannanas. If you did a little more research, however, you would find out that this rule was brought in at the behest of the industry.

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