Beagledors looking for a home

This site has been found several times by someone using the search term “beagledors” which is picking up on my visit to Stowe in June. Two of the puppies I saw then are looking for homes, so if you’re interested and a serious person (these puppies have been messed around a lot already in their short lives) then get in touch!

Here’s a picture of them in June – they’re not this small and cute anymore but who could resist anyway?

Beagledor puppies at Stowe School



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3 responses to “Beagledors looking for a home

  1. Kelvin

    Have they found a home yet? =)
    Where are you located?

    • antonia

      Hi Kelvin, yes they are all homed. Bailey is with my parents in SW France and after a difficult start (he has some insecurity/aggression issues) he’s settling in well to his new life.

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