Girls on film

My feet aren’t on the ground today, because of yesterday’s brush with celebrity – I was at a party with Simon Le Bon!! I was at the relaunch of the Whitechapel Gallery last night, because it is part-funded with European money and we were paying for the reception. It was already amazing being at the world premiere of Michael Nyman’s new piece, played by…Michael Nyman. Then we went in to dinner. I was sat with the managing director of the gallery (a tractor boy, incidentally!) and we were talking about music and which bands we liked. He said have you seen Duran Duran, I said, yes in Antwerp, he said no I mean have you seen them over there…and there they were. I had a direct view across at Nick Rhodes (looking better than he ever did in the 80s) and then a bit later saw Simon (of whom the same is, alas, not true). Unfortunately my Britishness stopped me from rushing up and saying hello, but I did have fun texting all my gal pals to let them know. Every text back started “Oh. My. God”. The event itself was lovely, the Gallery is going to be great and it was fun rubbing shoulders, albeit for one night, with the glitterati.

Stumbled across this great science story via a random link to my blog. Maybe if there had been more custard in my science lessons I’d be in a lab not an office right now. Though I do remember making rhubarb wine in one …


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5 responses to “Girls on film

  1. mozza

    Well, it might be an ERDF project, but there is damn all mention of that on their website. Automatic flat-rate correction of their grant due to non-compliance with publicity requirements, if I had anything to do with it. I hope, at least, they have nice, big, shiny and very visible EU plaque somewhere…

  2. antonia

    Well yes they do, in fact that’s how we got involved, because Jeremy saw the flag and called them up!

    And it is mentioned on the website:

  3. mozza

    Now I don’t want to be picky (well, ok, I do), but that website mention is so not in line with the publicity requirements in the regulations. I mean, if I missed it when I was looking for it, how is any member of the public going to know about it? Anyway, rant over.

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  5. Laugh at your problems, everybody else does.

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