I’m at the London event of the European Citizens Consultation today, filling in at the last minute because one of their “experts” dropped out at the last minute. It’s been a great event. You have 100 randomly selected Brits in a room, talking about what they want the EU to do. You might expect a certain amount of cynicism about the process, or hostility to the EU doing anything at all. But that really isn’t the case. One of the early suggestions was “join the eruo”! The atmosphere has been really constructive, and my biggest hope is that the people to whom this is directed, the European Commission and Parliament, take the outcomes as seriously as the people producing them.

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  1. “100 randomly selected Brits in a room”. Selected how? Only 100? We get more than that at my son’s Scout jumble sale & that’s without EU funding. What’s that as a percentage of the population? Vanishingly small. Why consult anyway? “No” votes in all too rare referenda are always ignored – the EU project blindly steamrollers its way forward regardless.
    Changing the subject – your posts don’t generate many responses – it amused me though that the one that really hit the spot concerned likely restrictions on recreational sea fishing by extending the failed CFP. Hopefully this will prove unenforceable & thus will be disregarded. The lesson is clear though, if you want to generate more replies post about EU restrictions on leisure activities!



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