Flying without wings

Or at least without misleading information on the website where you book…

Commissioner Kuneva did a press conference today, where she announced the names of the airline companies whose websites comply with all the points of the European legislation that is designed to stop unfair commercial practices in prices, insurance selling and so on. Virgin Atlantic, bmi and bmi baby are all on the list of good performers, whereas easyjet, ryanair and BA are co-operating to bring their sites up to scratch, but aren’t there yet. Details on the consumer sweep website. Or you can listen to me talking about it on You and Yours.


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2 responses to “Flying without wings

  1. Mozza

    Good timing Antonia! I was just fulminating about the latest piece of Ryanair nonsense, charging for on-line check-in. As this will be obligatory for everyone, I guess this will have to be included in the up-front price? Let’s see what they do…

    • antonia

      They may be trying to weasel out of it though – if you listen to the interview with the Ryanair guy before me on You and Yours, he says this is an “avoidable” cost because their lowest tickets won’t include it. And the price they quote has to include all “unavoidable costs”. But they are still supposed to make clear early on in the booking process that there are a number of extra “avoidable” costs.

      Never again…

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