Bloggez-vous? have picked up and will support the idea of a multilingual day of blogging on 26 September, to mark the European Day of Languages. I met with someone today who got very excited about the event and will try to get someone pretty senior on board for it, which would be great. My language colleagues will be promoting it in their general EDL work, and I will use our Facebook and Twitter networks to try to get more people on board. Do let me know if you are hoping to take part by leaving a comment below or contacting me via the contact page, and I’ll try to get a list up. First milestone – 100 people signing up to it by end August! And can anyone think of a good hashtag? #langblog? #edl2010?



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  1. Jo Anstey

    Hello Antonia

    Just wanted to say that this is a great blog and I’m sorry that I’ve only come across it today during these quiet August days….I work in the Communications Unit at the ETF, an EU agency based in Turin that works on vocational education and training in the context of the EU external relations policies.

    If you ever think that I can provide you with any information, please don’t hesitate to contact me,


    • antonia

      Thanks for the support! I know about the ETF because I used to work in what was then DG22 – now EAC – dealing with the Leonardo Programme.

      • Jo Anstey

        Wow! so our paths may have crossed once! I used to work in the EC Tempus technical assistance office back in the days….jo

  2. Great idea. I’ll be taking part, & I’ve joined the Facebook group.

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  4. Quelle bonne idée!

    Le bureau de la Rep à Londres me manque beaucoup, j’espère revenir bientôt!

    I hope everyone is well, and of course I’ll be active on the European Day of Languages 😉


  5. A good initiative and I hope more success

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  8. With regard to the European Day of Languages 2010, you may be interested to know that several British schools have introduced Esperanto in order to test its propaedeutic value.

    You can see details on

    The Council of Europe has also provided some phrases and expressions in Esperanto, which you can see here

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