Summer of euro-scares

What do eggs, flags, cornish pasties and nurses have in common? They are all stories we have been dealing with this summer that have to a greater or lesser extent been misrepresented in some quarters of the British press. At the same time we are clearing up, getting ready for the move to our new office in October. So there was many a wry smile in the office when this article arose from the archive:

Evening Standard on summer Euroscares (Needs to be rotated)

14 years on, nothing much has changed.

[Update 11.40]

Sorry, meant to say, if you’re interested in looking more at this issue, we have a site where we put up our side of these stories and post letters we send to the papers, and that also has an archive of previous #Euromyths (in the right-hand column of the site).


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2 responses to “Summer of euro-scares

  1. Antonia,

    There is a striking resemblance between the legend about the Flying Dutchman, doomed to sail the seas without ever being able to make port, and many of the Euromyths, which you decapitate, only to find out that they have become eternally restless souls, wandering on in the Angloblogosphere.

    New ones are invented and old ones fade into insignificance, without really dying, but have you found any means to mop up the undergrowth, which seems to require guerilla warriors?

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