European Commission early adopters on Twitter

Someone – who shall remain nameless – claimed last week to be among the first in the European Commission to use Twitter. That got me thinking about those of us who were there early on (pre-2010) and who and what we are. This is a list I have drawn-up using the fabulous website (thanks to @simonblackley). I’d love to have updates about errors, omissions etc. Please comment, or email me.

@euonymblog (started as @EUlondonrep) 14 January 2009

@dicknieuwenhuis 16 March 2009

@ecfin 1 April 2009

@EUinNL 25 May 2009

@Eurireland 5 June 2009

@ECSpokesKoen 5 July 2009

@TonyLBxl 11 July 2009

@EC_AVservice 13 July 2009

@EU_EEAS (started as @EU_Relex) 8 October 2009

@EU_careers 9 October 2009

@ECDevelopment 13 October 2009

Update 2 February 4.30

@KevinCoates 26 March 2007

@sandracavallo 26 August 2008

@sclopit 30 November 2008

@joehennon 26 January 2009

@piotr_ec 8 April 2009

@EU_Consumer 12 May 2009


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7 responses to “European Commission early adopters on Twitter

  1. Ron

    According to the website linked in your post, Commission official @sclopit is there since 30 November 2008

  2. Anne

    Oh, I had no idea SPP boss Koen had been a ‘lurker’ for more than a year before we made his profile public. ;o)

    • antonia

      Yes I was surprised by that. I wonder if he had it under another name before. He was in the Development cabinet after all and the DG started quite early

  3. Stefano Soro

    @stefanosoro: 10 June 2009

  4. Bernard Smith

    Love the list, sorry I just love lists! But this one is a bit odd, since its like saying who first used Lotus 1-2-3 to dbase. Who cares?

    • antonia

      It was just idle musing really. Someone said they were first, I thought they were wrong, which got me to thinking, who was first? But the real value of it is that I have connected with a new load of people.

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