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A night to remember

Whatever happens tonight, it’s going to be one to remember I reckon. Is it just me, or does the whole day have that “on the cusp of history” feel about it? I have a friend coming round who used to live in the US and an American friend of hers, so it should be interesting to get that perspective on events. Well, that’ll be tomorrow’s entry I guess!

The weekend was quite fun, even the stint on the stall at the Languages Show. I was there just over 2 hours and spoke to so many people, some of whom were just going from stall to stall seeing what jobs were out there, but some of whom were genuinely interested in a European perpsective to their careers. Somebody could maybe do a study about the correlation between the UK’s declining language skills and the rise in Euroscepticism. And you might have seen me on BBC Breakfast that morning – lots of people did, even if they did get my name wrong! My brother came up that evening with a few friends from Stowe, which was fun – my first big stay-out-late, go-clubbing, wake-up-with-a-hangover night since I got to London – oh how things change. On Sunday I drove up to Suffolk, where I stayed in a lovely B&B before filming for a Jamie Oliver programme, which was good fun (if sooooo cold.) The drive back was much less fun though – 4 hours in the rain and the dark, hitting London’s rush hour traffic. It isn’t so much the cars, I can pretty much cope with them, it’s the thousands of motorbikes and scooters every time you stop at a light. If you’re near the front of the queue they swarm round you like a cloud of midges, it’s very weird.

Today has been pretty horrible – the woman at Arsenal doing the Double Club trip has been taken into hospital, so with all the last minute arrangements to be done, our main liaison, or rather lynch-pin, is pretty much out of the picture. So cross fingers that we manage it all and those kids have a good time. Still, Toomas, our intern, has done a fantastic job, hats off to him.

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The lights on Embankment like jewels on chains

It was nice to have a day in the office yesterday, which meant I could trawl through a week’s worth of e-mails, do our regular planning for the weeks ahead and prepare for the various interviews I’m doing this week. One was today on the good old pesticides issue that is keeping us so busy at the moment. that was for BBC Breakfast and will air on Saturday. I’ve also been invited to take part in a programme that Jamie Oliver is making about bacon, so have been reading up on food labelling, geographical indications and animal welfare. The One World Broadcasting Trust event last night was very nice, and it was so interesting to talk to the Fijian. I thnik we sometimes take for granted having a press that can pretty much say what it wants – there are many places around the world where just reporting the facts, without any comment, can result in threats and intimidation. And yet it seems difficult to find people to stick up for freedom of speech in those circumstances (though they seem to manage it for Holocaust-revisionists…)

As I was already in Soho, I decided to treat myself to a Korean meal, and I found a pretty good place called Gama – their kimchi was certainly tasty. After dinner I walked down along Charing Cross Road, through Covent Garden and across Waterloo Bridge. That really is my favourite view in London and on a crisp cold night like last night, it was magical. The lights on Hungerford bridge created an effect of raindrops on a spider’s web, it was lovely. I decided to get a bus home, but got off it way too early, so was a little block of ice when I got home (having lost one of my gloves walking to work that morning).

Last night did instil a feeling of, well not quite nostalgia, I’m not sure what to call it. I was walking through parts of London where I used to spend a lot of time, and rarely go any more. That’s what’s so great about London, I suppose – it’s one thing to you as a 20-year-old student, and something else entirely as a 37-year-old with a 9-to-5 job. Wonder what I’ll think of it at 70…?

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