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Links 09-03-2010

Charlie Beckett on which media will matter in the 2010 General Election

But here’s the headline news for election 2010: Mainstream Media is Back.

As a political sciences graduate, with a terrorism studies postgrad student in the house, I found Dave Wearing’s article on political sciences quite interesting. Should it even have the word science in it – the debate re-ignites…

I have yet to be convinced by the idea that the study of politics can be apolitical and value-neutral. Our choice of research topics will inevitably reflect our own political and moral priorities, and the way in which that research is framed and conducted is bound to reflect assumptions which – whether held consciously, semi-consciously or unconsciously – remain of a moral and political nature.

Charlemagne  – one of the best blogs on European issues, even if I don’t always agree with him – gets to grip with Greece

EMPATHY is always in short supply in recessions, even within the European Union where we are all supposed to understand each other instinctively. But really, the cross-border debate on Greece is depressingly simplistic.

Will Hutton talks some sense on the position of the VP/HR.

Ashton’s problem is not her power, but her lack of it. Before the meeting in Córdoba, she badly needed the letter David Miliband and Swedish foreign secretary Carl Bildt co-wrote saying that EU foreign ministers should get behind her. The world, and EU member states, needed more of the European Union, not less.

Charlie Brooker takes on the leaders’ debates:

if Nick Clegg spends the first 50 minutes rousing the audience with his fiery, lyrical rhetoric – as per usual – only to sneeze unexpectedly five minutes before the end, leaving a giant pendulum of mucus dangling off the end of his conk, the unfortunate mishap would be looped and repeated ad nauseam on every rolling news bulletin for weeks to come. He’d be Mr Snot. And do you want to vote for Mr Snot? No way. What if he sneezed on the nuclear button?

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Joining the 3.5m

I joined one of the biggest civil society organisations in the UK yesterday – the National Trust. 3.5m members, which is the population of Britain’s four biggest cities after London. I got in my car and headed out of the city, which was just great (and one of the reasons I got the car of course). It’s astonishing how quickly you’re in the countryside, especially from Croydon – it’s barely half an hour from there to Westerham and serious Kent landscape. I visited Churchill’s home, Chartwell, joined the Trust and then came back via a garden centre. I’m trying to find a composter that I can have in the back yard, so that vegetable peelings and so on get used. But they’re all so big! If anyone knows of a good urban composter, please point me in the right direction.

There’s been a lot of discussion in the papers about the EU banning sexist adverts. It’s amazing how a report by an MEP adopted by a Committee, which says national laws should be used to counter stereotypes then becomes a “ban” “backed by EU chiefs”. The best take on it had to be Charlie Brooker – I wish I had that man’s rantability! There’s another gender issue which has got me a bit riled though. There was another report out last week (what did we talk about before all these reports…?) about the glass ceiling. All the discussion about it that day and subsequently has focussed on childcare issues and the role of motherhood in women’s careers. But here’s a newsflash: not all women have children and not all women are going to. Women in the workplace is NOT the same as mothers in the workplace. Even those of us who aren’t mothers and aren’t going to be are affected by the glass ceiling. So stop fudging the issue with an attempt to guilt-trip mothers in senior positions and look to tackle some of the serious social issues that contribute to the pay gap and the glass ceiling.

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