Day of Multilingual Blogging 2010

Many thanks to those of you signed up for the Day of Multilingual Blogging on 26 September, with the Twitter hashtag #babel. I will put here a link to all the blogs that I find.

1. Leigh Turner of the FCO in Ukrainaian

2. Jimmy Leach, Head of Digital at the FCO, in French

3. Ralf Grahn in Swedish

4. Europe Direct Leeds in French

5. Ralf Grahn in Finnish

6. Euonym in French, German, Spanish and Dutch

7. Judith MacGregor of the FCO in Spanish

8. Stephen Lillie of the FCO in Tagalog

9. Obhi Chatterjee in Spanish

10. Obhi Chatterjee in Galician

11. Lino the Rhino in French

12. Rebecca Helm-Ropelato in Italian

13. Dick Nieuwenhuis in Dutch

14. Vihar Georgiev in Bulgarian

15. Vihar Georgiev in English

16. Tangle of Wires in Bengali

17. Catriona Robertson in French

18. Eva Peña in Catalan, Castillian Spanish, English, French and Portugese

19. Nigel Baker of the FCO in Spanish

20. Jorge Juan Morante López in Italian

21. Mark Kent of the FCO in Vietnamese

22. Europe Direct Leeds in German

23. David Lidington, Minister for Europe, in French

24. Ralf Grahn in English

25. Anna Raccoon in English and French

26. FCO map of all their blogs for the DMB

27. Jacob Christensen in Swedish and English

28. Frances Guy of the FCO in Arabic

29. Angelika in German

30 Europasionaria in Spanish

31. Europe Direct Leeds in Dutch

7 responses to “Day of Multilingual Blogging 2010

  1. Eŭropa Tago de lingvoj.

    Ankaŭ bonegas ke Esperanto aldoniĝis

  2. It is cool for a multi-lingual blogging for a post but you need to get it translated everytime. But bottom line is, it gets exciting how people would like to speak their own language. I hope you learn from it as well.

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  6. Nyu


    Just a little remark – Leigh Turner is the British Ambassador to Ukraine – therefore, he writes his blog in both English and Ukrainian, but not Bulgarian as has been stated in your post.

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